December 08, 2021

    How to Label Your Skincare Products

    How to Label Your Skincare Products

    It has been our mission, to help fellow skincare entrepreneurs to succeed in helping people with their skincare needs. In doing so, we have discovered that, while one may wish to start a cosmetic or skincare line, there are many underlying steps involved that might not be that apparent from the surface.

    Due to this observation, we have compiled a basic guide to helping those who wish to get started, an easy way to get up on their feet and grow into a fully functioning skincare brand.

    Here is our basic guide to designing and labeling your skincare products. In this four minute read, we will go over the basics of: finding your label size, getting your label designed, getting your label printed and applying the label to your product.

    Please take a moment to go over this guide and please, if you have any questions, contact our customer service center at: (727) 466-1703.

    The steps:

    1. Your Label Size.

    Here at Private Label, we supply you with templates of the standard label sizes suited for each product you choose. Do consider your chosen label printing companies ability to facilitate your custom label. (Label printing providers covered on step 3)

    Most printing companies will require your label designs fit within certain parameters. Here are three terms you may need to know:

    • The “safe zone” Is the space that you don’t want any important elements to exceed. Anything Steps to Labeling 4Your Products beyond this point is at risk of being trimmed off of the label. 
    • Your label size is determined by the die cut. A metal die in the shape of your label will be cutting its size. Anything outside this line will not be on your label. 
    • The “bleed” is anything that should be extended beyond the actual cut. In case of a misalignment of the die cut, you will still have elements that you want in the label, still in the label. Such as, label color, shapes etc..

    2. Getting Your Label Designed.

    Chances are, your product isn’t the only one of its kind. As you’re thinking about how to design your label, look at what’s already out there. Take some pointers from the labels of competing products. Notice what works well, and spend some time brainstorming ways that you can do it better. Designing your own labels isn’t nearly as intimidating when you know what you’re up against.

    Creating label designs can be tricky, especially if you don’t have any formal graphic design experience. There are ways to work around inexperience. For example, hire a graphic designer. Professional designers have the skills to create a product label that can truly stand out.

    Also, there are many good websites that can provide you with this service, to name a few: Fiverr. Com,, or for a quick “do it yourself,” label provides assets and templates you can use to create your own label, without needing an external designer.

    This website ( is a comprehensive study of just about everything you will need to know regarding the legal aspects of label making. Here you can discover the “does and don’t’s” of your label and barcode making (if you will have bar-codes on your label). If you are considering having a bar-code for your product, a good website that will support your product's barcode needs.

    Some things to consider including on your label (See example label attached on last page):

    • Declaration of identity (name of product) 
    • Declaration of responsibility (co. name & street address, city, state, zip, packer, or distributor). Example: Distributed by: or manufactured for: 
    • Declaration of net quantity, servings, or uses. FDA legs Example: “Net Wt. 6 Oz. (177.4g)”—“Net 6 Fl. Oz. (177.4 mL)” 
    • Declaration of ingredients. 
    • Bar-code 
    • Product statement: [Brand name] [Product name] [Weight/Fl. Oz]

    3. Time To Get Your Label Printed!

    The internet is teeming with label printing providers. Trust us, we know. You need to find a good balance of price vs quality vs customer service. Throughout our label making history, we have found a few that stand out:

    Trainer Printing And Promotions

    Frontier Label


    Wizard Label

    Keep in mind, while we do suggest these, it is more important to find one that fits your brand most. Many local printers can do great label printing jobs that may benefit your brand more than the above list, also, while removing any shipping costs. Check local!

    4.  Applying Labels To Your New Products.

    Most label printing companies will ask you how the labels are going to be applied to your components. Most start-ups will be doing this by hand, this actually is the best way for label application for newer skincare and cosmetic companies because the cost to value of hand application at this point is worth it.

    But rest assured, with any one product of 500 orders or more, we do provide in-house label application options for our customers, as well as providing custom components for your products.

    We wish you a successful journey to your ideal skincare business! 


    The information provided on this guide does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, all information, content, and materials available on this site are for general informational purposes only. Information on this guide may not constitute the most up-to-date legal or other information. This guide contains links to other third-party websites. Such links are only for the convenience of the reader, user, or browser; and its members do not recommend or endorse the contents of the third-party sites.


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