August 15, 2022

    Benefits of Kakadu Plum For Skin, Hair and Health

    Benefits of Kakadu Plum For Skin, Hair and Health

     Kakadu Plum Benefits:


    Kakadu plum is also known as Gubinge, Billygoat Plum, Gurumal or Murunga. Kakadu plum is the richest source of Vitamin C. This contains Vitamin C even more than orange, kiwi fruit and chili pepper. It is grown in the Top End of Northern Australia and is widely used in many skincare and pharmaceuticals products.

    This has been used for centuries as an orthodox method for the treatment of many diseases and as an antiseptic.  It is best known for its skin lightening, and anti-aging benefits. Let’s look at the top benefits of this wonderful gift of nature:

    1. Antioxidants:

    Vitamin C is the most essential antioxidant that slows down the aging process. It helps to form proline, an amino acid that makes collagen. Since kakadu plums contain a rich amount of Vitamin C, they are popularly used in many skincare products.

    2. Cancer:

    Kakadu plum has phytochemicals like gallic and ellagic acids. Gallic acid contains antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-mutagenic and anti-bronchodilatory properties. Ellagic acid exibits anti-carcinogenic effects to maintain healthy human tissues. This is one of the most noticed Kakudu plum health benefits!

    3. Skin care:

    Kakadu plum is used in many nourishing facial crèmes and masks. This gives a natural shine and glow to the skin. It can also prevent aging of the skin.


    4. Cure Acne:

    Kakadu plum is an Australian fruit that is a very rich source of Vitamin C. This vitamin can be useful to clear pimple-causing bacteria on the face. It can be mixed with clay to soothe the skin and flush off the impurities for an even complexion. Apply this weekly to the entire face to get rid of pimple-causing bacteria. Wash off after 10 minutes for a lighter and re-balanced skin. This treats the spots, pimples and heals blemishes.

    5. Men’s skin care:

    Antioxidants in skincare products can repair the skin damage caused by the sun or due to aging. This fruit is useful to stimulate the collagen production to remove fine lines or scars. This also has gallic acid that acts as an astringent, antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial agent. Kakadu plums are included as an ingredient in many natural men’s skincare products. They are added to exfoliators, toners, masques, cleansers, serums, creams and moisturizers.

    6. Skin infections:

    The inner bark of the Kakadu plum tree can cure many skin disorders and infections. This is also used to heal wounds, sores and boils. It is also effective to prevent or control fungal and bacterial infections. This is proven to be an excellent wound healer and to help treat psoriasis.

    It also has many benefits for hair shine and strength.  This natural marvel is used in many of our wonderful cream bases and can be incorporated into any skin lightening and anti-aging creams.  Please call Product development to discuss ideas of how you can use this amazing active in your products.



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