August 02, 2022

    Ceramides for hair and skin part 2

    Ceramides for hair and skin part 2

    Natural Oils Found in Ceramide Hair Products

    Ceramide products come in two forms. There are those products with natural ingredients and those with synthetic ingredients. Ceramide products with synthetic ingredients mimic the ceramides found inside the cuticles than the natural ceramic products do. Both the natural and synthetic ceramide products are however all good for the hair. Below are the oils found in ceramide products. When you are buying ceramide hair products, make sure they have most of the following oil ingredients: 


    % LA†

    Salicornia oil


    Safflower oil


    Evening Primrose oil


    Poppyseed oil


    Grape seed oil


    Sunflower oil


    Barbary Fig Seed Oil


    Hemp oil


    Corn oil


    Wheat germ oil


    Cottonseed oil


    Soybean oil


    Walnut oil


    Sesame oil


    Rice bran oil


    Argan oil


    Pistachio oil


    Peanut oil


    Peach oil




    Canola oil




    Linseed oil



    Olive oil

    10% (3.5 – 21%)

    Palm oil


    Cocoa butter


    Macadamia oil


    Coconut oil


    All the above oils are natural, and they play a big role in nourishing and flattening of the hair cuticles


    Many people may not know the great effects bananas have in conditioning hair. They moisturize and soften the hair. Bananas can be blend with coconut milk and many other ingredients to give even better results. It leaves the hair looking very shiny and smooth and strengthens the hair cuticles. When these are added to hair products, they can be very significant in handling water loss, and hydration.

    Aloe Vera



    Vinegar is another product easily found in many homes. It has natural cleansing and is a very good hair conditioner. Raw unfiltered white and apple cider vinegar is the best vinegar products for the best hair conditioning results. Vinegar can be infused with other natural products to come up with a stronger hair conditioner.

    Flax Seeds


    There are different kinds of butter you can use. These are Shea butter, Cocoa butter, and Mango butter, watermelon butter. These natural butter types are especially good when you feel like your hair is going through a dry period, they are also part of the formulations that we use here at Private Label skincare Florida.

    Ceramide Rich Shampoos

    A Ceramide shampoo cleans hair while adding body to it. The shampoos are rich in ceramide natural products that help strengthen the hair fibers improving the shape and volume of the hair. Examples of shampoos rich in ceramide are:

    Besides hair, ceramide is good for the whole body and especially the skin. The outermost layer of the skin is protected by fatty acids, cholesterol, and ceramides. These three works together to prevent the skin from drying up by retaining moisture, keep the skin smooth and supple, and keep the skin looking strong. As people get older, the texture of their skin changes. It becomes dry and lighter. Use of soaps and other cleansers also affects the skin by disrupting the lipids and the ceramides naturally found in the body. Some of the medications taken may also affect and reduce the number of ceramides in the body. The kind of food we eat and changes in diets sometimes lead to flaky skins and a reduction of ceramides in the body.

    To make the body and the skin look healthy always, it is important to use ceramide products. many skincare products have ceramide ingredients to protect the skin. The ceramide ingredients are used to replenish the lost lipids and to replenish the skin. For better results, penetration enhancers are added to the ceramide products for deeper penetration of ceramide to the skin.

    Ceramides are also used to treat some skin conditions. Psoriasis and eczema are two skin problems that cause the skin to flake out, feel itchy, and get dry. These conditions when treated with products containing ceramide give a very fast cure and leave the skins less flaky with the dryness disappearing within a short time.

    Ceramides effectively kill some cancer cells by signaling molecules that cause some cells to self-distract. Slack of enough ceramides in the body can cause some skin cancers. Introducing ceramide products to the skin, helps the body fight off the unwanted cells better than before. If the body has enough ceramides, it will destroy any cells causing problems to the body. This does not mean they can, however, kill all the cells and cure cancer completely, but they play a big role in keeping cancer cells at bay.

    They are not irritating to the skin and thus do not cause any hazards to the people working with them

    Ceramide Oil Uses for Hair and Skin

    So today, if you are looking for the perfect skincare, the best and strongest hair, and a healthy-looking body, go for products that contain ceramide. They will make you glow and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

    So, as you can see, these ceramides are necessary for healthy skin and hair.  Call us today, to talk about ensuring these are in your skin and hair care! 


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