August 02, 2022

    Getting your product to market!

    Getting your product to market!

    I have been in the Beauty Business most of my life, and I can tell you there are many ways to get your products to market fast.  Timing is everything in almost every business.  Getting in on what is the newest hot trend seems very delicious indeed! 

    But why don’t you think of creating the trend instead?See  our blog:

    Don’t Chase Trends, Make Them — Here’s How


    Too many suppliers and manufacturers take far too many shortcuts to achieve that end. Great products take much planning and research to become the best and long-lasting products on the market. Here at Private Label Skincare Florida, we have a proven track record for both speed and efficiency. The best part of our team is their well-earned knowledge of the industry and the care for both the client and their customers (Consumers) If you take a look at our growth, you will see that we have done what others only dream of doing and in a very short time.   

    Here are some of our proven ways to get it done and on the market.

    Let’s take a glance at some ways we can help you get your products into the hands of the public.

    Stock Formulas

    1: The simplest and fastest way is to take one of our stock formulas, which is proven successful in the marketplace, and simply rebrand.  You may say to yourself,” I don’t want the same thing everyone else is selling, I want mine to stand out and be better”. The question is, How can you do better than a top seller?  It’s selling because it is a great product with proven results!  Now it’s up to you to be a very clever marketer and get the customer’s attention.  We know the product is incredible and sells well as it has proven statistics.  The clever marketer will perhaps choose different and more attractive packaging, or even come up with a clever name for it.  There are many ways to make the same product look totally different. You can get out stock formulas into the market within a few days of your packaging arriving in our warehouse. If you choose our stock packaging, you could have it shipped out super fast.

    Choose from one of our stock bases

    #2:  Choose from one of our stock bases, and add your own “Hero” ingredient or fragrance.  This too is super-fast. Not having to start from scratch, with hundreds of hours of testing and re-testing can shave months off the process.  Our bases are tried and true and are a feather in our cap!  Believe it or not, our team is amazing at helping you with this part of the process.  Our Chemist can advise you one way or another if your hero ingredient can be easily added to one of our bases.  It is usually a simple matter of adding one thing and taking out another, then testing for stability. If you choose not to test, that is up to you.  The stability test does take 90 days.   Our team will tell you every step of the way, what is happening.  Since our bases have been tested and re-tested, there is little chance they will separate after blending.  We have done this, thousands of times with great success, we would love to do this for you and your clients. 

    Custom formulations

    #3:  Custom formulations:  We can make your custom formula if you already have it, or create one if you do not.  If you wish to emulate another product, that is also easily achieved. We are very good at all of these and feel there are only a few companies in the world that are better.  These leaders usually take a year or better to develop a new and different product and expect very large numbers to even consider making it for anyone.  That is not the case at our lab.  I must be very upfront with you and tell you that this method is the longest, but if unique and innovative is what you want then this is the way to go. 

    We are constantly looking for new and innovative ingredients, and watch the market trends, and do our best to be the first on the market with such breakthroughs in the skin, haircare, and supplement markets. 

    We have recently added color cosmetics to our line, and are working on some very exciting new ideas and breaking into very new markets, i.e. beautiful pearl and sparkle pigments for uses in art. Stay tuned for these exciting color pigments, and other color cosmetic items that will blow you away.

    Private Label Skincare Florida is much more than just skincare, it is an innovative and forward-moving company that has a proven track record of huge success in many markets.  Our customer list reads like the “Who’s Who” in the industry.  We are very proud of our rapid expansion and our ability to adapt to the ever-changing personal care market. 

    Please call us to see what we can do for you or your company.  You will be amazed at what is possible. 


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