August 02, 2022

    Natural Fragrance Oil?

    Natural Fragrance Oil?

    Fragrance oils let formulators scent products with smells of plants that don’t produce scented oils on their own. For example, we can use the oil of the mango seed, which is moisturizing, but we cannot collect an oil that captures the scent of the mango fruit itself. This is where fragrance oils come in: creating an oil that captures the beautiful scents of fruits and other odors.

    What Is A Synthetic Fragrance Oil?

    The fragrance company uses the isolate from various essential oils in combination to create a scent that closely resembles the actual plant.

    Fragrance oils, or aromatic oils or perfume oils as they are sometimes called, are usually defined as synthetically manufactured scents designed to mimic a naturally occurring scent. Fragrance oils in the past were exclusively man-made, synthetic chemical reproductions of our favorite fragrances found in nature. Now, however, we have a brilliant array of fragrance oils derived from natural, non-synthetic ingredients.

    At last, we can scent our skin and hair care products with tropical flavors of plants that produce no natural oils of their own. Let’s explore how this is possible.

    The Evils of Perfume

    If you read pretty much any natural product blog about fragrance oils, including ours, (The evils of perfume) you’ll notice that we were quick to warn about the dangerous synthetic chemicals contained in fragrance oils. Hence The Evils of Perfume. A 1986 report by the National Academy of Sciences noted that 95 percent of chemicals used in synthetic fragrances are derived from petroleum and include benzene derivatives, aldehydes, toluene, and many other known toxins.

    Synthetic Vs. Natural Oils

    So, here we are in the year 2020 – what’s changed? How can we achieve highly sought-after aromas such as blueberry, mango, and coconut without having to use petroleum or synthetic chemicals? This is a million-dollar question that the world’s top perfume and flavor houses have been working on for many years.

    Are There Natural Fragrance Oils?

    Yes! The good news –fractional distillation has proven to be an answer to achieving many of these sought-after aromas. With fractional distillation, perfumers can create a wide range of fragrances that were previously out of reach to those who demanded fewer toxic chemicals. As demand for natural and organic fragrance and flavor oils grows, the more time and resources are dedicated to refining and perfecting this rather complicated process. Good news for those of us wanting a more natural and organic life.

    What Is A Natural Fragrance Oil use the isolates from various essential oils in combination to create a scent that very closely resembles the actual plant. So, natural Fragrance oils will be composed of the tiny constituent parts of other natural essential oils, carefully balanced and tested. Thus, there are no synthetic chemicals used in the production of natural fragrance oils.

    We are truly living in a wonderful time for natural and organic products. With increased demand, more attention is being given to creating natural solutions. We here at Private Label Skincare Florida pride ourselves on our being as natural as possible, and Certified Organic when possible.  Our philosophy is always giving the end-user the best possible product that helps them solve their skin and hair care difficulties, so they will be repeat and brand loyal customers, thus they win, you win, and we all win!  Total game changer!!!

    While we totally prefer to keep with the organic and natural oils, we are not opposed to a client suggesting an alternative fragrance, if it falls in our guideline and is not in any way harmful to the end-user. 

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