August 02, 2022

    Oh No…. No Bottles?  We answered the supply chain difficulty!!!!

    Oh No…. No Bottles?  We answered the supply chain difficulty!!!!

    Covid 19 introduced many new challenges for our company and our clients alike. The demand for products from Companies that sold online, compared to the brick and mortar companies that service consumers in the past, increased to the point of chaos.  Consumers have switched to more basic products, instead of luxury brands in High-end stores.  Having to rely on what they can get online for many weeks. 

    Many companies are stockpiling bottles, in case of a second wave.  The lead time on bottles has become incredible, if you can get them at all, even at a price 2-5x over their actual cost.

     We here at Private Label Skincare Florida heard and answered!  We are now filling tubes, and tube filling part of our daily operation.  We have new equipment and fillers, and crimpers to answer the call.

    The next wave of our development is going to be fully sustainable and responsible packing, earth, and ocean-friendly, return to the earth packaging that will help heal the planet from so much plastic. 

    It is clear, to anyone really looking, that e-commerce is here to stay and gaining a stronger and stronger foothold in the market place.  As it gains popularity in the years ahead, companies should take this time to fine-tune their sustainability initiatives. Many chose to put this issue on the back burner to attend to the current economic scene, but we need to get brighter in post-crisis mode, and put at least some attention on what is to become of our planet, and oceans.  

    We have a plan, here at Private Label Skincare Florida, to keep searching for biodegradable packaging.  We have already changed the course of skincare, creating super-food and superfruits skincare.  Now we intend to change to more sustainable packaging as it becomes available.  The latest innovation seems to be in the direction of sugarcane.  We will keep an eye on this, and see what comes of it, and will keep you informed as to the progress, and the true ability of this product to return to the earth as earth!  Please contact us to find out what we can do for you and your company in terms of filling tubes for your products.    


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