August 15, 2022

    Part 2 - Aging beautifully, changing, fighting, and creating and Embracing

    Part 2 - Aging beautifully, changing, fighting, and creating and Embracing

    Aging beautifully, changing, fighting, and creating and Embracing

    Since the advertising agencies and movies depict young beautiful women as the smartest, most successful and have the most wisdom, which may or may not be true, it is rare to see a movie heroine that is in her 60’s or 70’s, or a high paid model in her 50’s or 60’s. There is no blockbuster movie with a headliner with gray hair and visible crow’s-feet.

    There’s no doubt we live in an ageist society where youth and beauty are extremely valuable. There’s even a formal name for it – erotic capital. When we start to lose this, one may feel we lose our power, it isn’t fair, not even necessarily true, but it is very real.

    It appears that our power and worth is calculated by our looks. That’s a fundamentally sexist notion, and women have been fighting it for ages — yet there it is, coming back with a vengeance as we get older.  But is it possible to gain back that power and worth by creating beauty in all that we do, and how we present ourselves? Yes, it is! Use the technology at hand, find age appropriate clothing, hairstyles and make-up, and read the labels on the skin care products you use.  Look for natural, and plant-based products, that are pH balanced for aging skin.  Private Label Skin Care Florida does create these products for their clients.

    There’s another way to look at this though. When our minds are bound up in the state of our physical body, we’ve bought into the very worst of sexism and ageism — and we’d better believe that salespeople will seize on that uncertainty to convince us that their dodgy anti-ageing product is the one that can turn back the clock. There is no reason to turn it back, but rather use what we know, and what we have experienced to make our lives and our appearance beautiful. Maintain what beauty you have, by using your good sense, picking products that enhance your beauty not cover up your wrinkles.

    At Private Label Skin Care Florida our team strives to create age-perfect products that enhance the skin and keep it from aging prematurely. Some do help “turn back the clock”, but the goal is to create the best possible product to enhance one’s beauty, and to look as good as one can for one’s age. 


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