August 15, 2022

    Purple Shampoos

    Purple Shampoos


    Interestingly enough, this is kind of a misnomer, since though they may look purple and be called purple, the best of the best is actually violet!

    No, They’re Not Miracle Workers

    Let’s set your expectations in the right place: while these products are infused with purple pigments that are intended to counteract brassy tones in blonde hair (since purple is opposite orange on the color wheel, they cancel each other out), purple shampoos and conditioners are “not going to keep your color from ever getting brassy again,” says celeb hairstylist Matt Fugate. As he notes, that dreaded tangerine-y tinge that can appear a few weeks after getting your hair colored can come from environmental elements, minerals in your water, and even hair-colorist error.

    “If you’re not happy with your blonde color after you leave the salon, don’t think that purple products are going to turn you into Blake Lively or Gwen Stefani,” he says. “Violet shampoos and conditioners are great for prolonging the color you already have, not getting you a color you never had.”

    But Yes, They Can Help All Hair Colors

    Surprise! Brunettes can have (more) fun, too! “Really anyone who doesn’t want warm hues in their hair can use purple products to cool their color down,” says Fugate. Fun fact: “The darker your hair naturally is, the more prone it is to brassiness, thanks to the amount of melanin it has.”

    So, if your caramel ombré is feeling a bit too warm, slap some purple conditioner on it. Chestnut hair looking a tad too red? Add in some purple shampoo. “You might not see as big of a change as you would with blonde hair, but it can still help,” he says.

    As Long as You Don’t Mess It Up

    Apologies to my cynical colleagues, but some of your spite is due to user error, e.g. using purple products every single day or leaving them on for way too long. “People will slather the stuff on and leave it for an hour, thinking it’ll give them this beautiful, icy-blonde color, but it just stains the hair a dull color,” Fugate explains. “Or, they’ll apply it to dry hair, not realizing you need moisture to buffer the color, and their blonde will turn gray and dingy.”

    And even though these products are advertised as conditioners and shampoos, they’re not meant for daily—or even weekly—use. “Your hair will eventually build up an immunity to the color if you use it too frequently, or you’ll just accidentally dull your blonde,” he says. “It’s just to refresh your color every so often.” If you’re washing your hair every single day, you can use purple products once a week, says Fugate; if you wash every few days, reach for the purple stuff once every other week.


    Be Realistic

    Like all seemingly glorious innovations, your mileage may (and probably will) vary. “Sometimes, purple products simply don’t work,” says Fugate, noting that it all depends on what kind of hair you have. “Incredibly thick, coarse, resistant hair won’t see as much of a difference as super-fine baby hair that’s more susceptible to hue changing,” he says.

    If your hair is healthy, strong, and barely dyed, you might not see a change at all. “The hair cuticle needs to be roughed up a bit so the purple pigments can penetrate the strand,” Fugate says. “Bleached-out platinum hair will see noticeable results, while the subtly highlighted will probably only see minimal results.”

    Note: To use these products and keep your hair pH balanced, put an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse on your hair before you use the Purple/Violet shampoo.

    Bottom line—As long as you follow the instructions, there’s no real harm in adding some purple conditioners and shampoos to your weekly routine.


    Purple shampoo—what blondes need to know

    Blonde seemed like such a good idea, didn’t it? …Until that perfectly cool hue turned into a brass band. Whether you’re bleaching your hair at home or having it professionally done, lightened hair tends to skew brassy yellow over time. You’ve probably heard that the solution to yellowing hair lies in purple shampoo, but why?

    Who is purple shampoo really for? Why is purple shampoo so…purple? And why isn’t anyone talking about purple conditioner? (Here’s a hint: they should be.)

    Read on to set yourself straight on purple shampoo for blondes.

    For starters, let’s look at purple shampoo and purple conditioner on the color wheel.


    Purple shampoo versus Violet shampoo

    Diving into color wheel specifics can be helpful when you’re seeking the perfect blonde. We’re using the phrase “purple shampoo” pretty generally. Specifically speaking, though they’re close neighbors on the color wheel, violet has a bit more blue, while purple has a dash more red. You can guess what that means when you’re seeking to “cool down” your brassy yellow tones—the extra blue in violet calms yellow and orange tones more directly.

    When formulating violet shampoo and conditioner, we took into consideration what was actually happening in our flagship SEVEN salon and other salons around the country. What we found was a need for cooler blonding, so we crafted our deeply saturated violet shampoo and violet conditioner to meet it.


    Purple is not just for bombshell BLONDES

    The lighter your hair, the more immediately noticeable the results of violet shampoo and violet conditioner will be, but you don’t have to be fully blonde to reap the rewards. The brighter strands in your balayage or highlights will all benefit as well.


    Do you need a purple conditioner too?

    Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about purple conditioner? Let’s put a stop to that right here and now. Bleached hair is damaged hair. If you have lightened hair, you need repair. Our violet conditioner gives you the opportunity to repair your hair while simultaneously locking in the impact of your toning treatment with a high saturation of violet. If you are in need of blonde toning + extra hair repair, do a light, quick wash with violet shampoo. Be generous with your violet conditioner as a follow up, clipping hair out of the way while you go. Let it do its work for 10 minutes, followed by a thorough rinse. 


    Why doesn’t purple shampoo dye your hair purple?

    Well…the wrong purple shampoo actually can over-color, so picking the right one and reading the directions is key. Though deeply saturated with cooling violet tones, our violet shampoo and violet conditioner are formulated specifically not to over-deposit color. The shampoo pulls blondes from brass to ash, while the conditioner continues the cooling process, locking in the color balance and healing the cuticle. Neither will leave a purple reminder that you’ve used them.


    How often should purple shampoo and purple conditioner be used

    After your color service, your colorist will likely treat you with a toner before you leave the salon. To ensure your blonde stays bright, light, and cool, you will need to follow up at home. We recommend using our violet shampoo and violet conditioner 1-2 times per week for regular maintenance. For anyone needing extra strengthening and healing (if you’ve bleached your hair, this is likely), feel free to use it more often. 


    Sulfates and Blonde

    This one is important—No sulfates for you, blondey! The two big bad sulfates commonly found in purple shampoo (and all shampoos for that matter) are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). They are used widely in personal care products because they are inexpensive and create lots of lather. But these two sudsers can strip already compromised hair, irritate your scalp, fade your color, and worse. Our violet shampoo, like all our shampoos, is always formulated without SLS and SLES. Your hair deserves the best! Let us be your go-to brand.

    You wonderful ladies with natural graying hair will love using purple (specifically violet) shampoo and conditioner, too! White hair is beautiful, but often it’s not actually pure white. Using purple shampoo once a week will give you a beautiful, purer shade without the “blue haired old lady” look. If you are salt and pepper, with dark hair underneath, you will find that the purple shampoo will really help the beauty of both your dark and “white” hair.

    Stay tuned for more tips about this incredible product!

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