August 15, 2022

    The Evils of Perfume

    The Evils of Perfume

    I want to give you some background on this subject before getting into the real deal with perfume.  

    For centuries perfume has been used for masking foul odors. Coal tar products and other smelly chemical compounds used in our household and personal care products have usually been combined with perfume to cover the putrid odors.

    Historically, foul odors equate with rotting, dying or dead flesh and disease, which is why flowers are used to help mask the smell of death. These smells are very disturbing to people, so they do all kinds of things to help take the smell of sickness and death away. Bringing flowers to the sick had a dual reason: something beautiful to cheer up the sick, plus a pleasant scent to mask the smell of the sickness or death. 

    Ladies for hundreds of years carried a small bouquet of sweet-smelling flowers call a "nose gay" to put in front of their nose to mask the putrid smell of body odor and other rotten smells of those times.

    “Parfums,” the original version of perfumes containing the highest concentration of fragrant essential oils, are very pricy and are used in the finest perfumes. 

    Fast Forward and Smell Our New Problems

    Today, synthesized flower essence, the chemicals that emulate the smell of flower oils, are very cheap to manufacture. Thus, almost all fragrances used today are chemical in nature rather than natural or botanical in origin. They are used to cover the smell of odorous chemicals that compose our cleaning products, personal care products, make-up and other unsuspecting products. Although they make noxious smells from other cheap chemicals more tolerable to the nose, these perfumes can irritate various bodily functions and other senses, and cause major irritations on some people to the point of incapacitation. 

    These synthetic perfumes can cause serious effects on people, including eczema, asthma, sneezing, coughing, headaches, decreased lung function, eye irritation, changes in heart rate (faster or slower) and many other side effects. There are many studies you can find on the web that show these effects.

    Putrid-smelling things are avoided, pleasant-smelling things are sought after. But the underlying chemicals that these perfumes mask may be even worse for us. Fooled by the pleasant smell, we buy something pleasurable and unknowingly do damage to ourselves and our families. Also, be alert in the marketplace – something labeled as fragrance-free does not mean chemical-free.

    Solutions We Offer

    There is no perfume whatsoever in our essences. We have even developed the "no-fragrance, fragrance.” We are very proud of what we have developed and are looking forward to your input. 

    We feature all-natural Phyto (plant) Scented Botanical Extracts and Blends offering innovative functionality for both skin care and hair care! These contain natural aromatic plant constituents and offer unique synergy and functionality.

    Our oil-soluble Phyto Scented Botanical Extracts and Blends contain both volatile elements and constituents that dissolve in oil and are suitable for use in natural creams and lotions, massage oil, body butters and other oil-soluble products.

    Coming Soon!Water-soluble Phyto Scented Botanical Extracts suitable for use in shampoo, body wash, and other surfactant-based and mostly-water systems, such as scented body mist. 

    These types of essential oils and phyto scents are unlikely to create any type of sensitivity for people in the workplace or in the home, and can be very beneficial. 

    At Private Label Skin Care Florida, we take pride in finding the very best and most innovative ways to bring industry-leading products to market at competitive prices. Bring your ideas to us and let us help you create the finest organic / natural solutions available in the market today.

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