August 02, 2022

    The Virus:

    The Virus:

    Trying Times, Staying Calm & Focused

    We realize that this is a very trying time for everyone, what with isolation, and false news spreading panic, and fear, no one knows what to believe, and what we are headed for in the weeks to come.

    We can assure you that staying calm, and focused on the task at hand, will go a long way in containing this pandemic.  Finding ways like “Skype” to stay connected to friends and family, and daily chats with loved ones goes a long way in curing the isolation blues, especially for Seniors.

    We here at Private Label Skincare Florida, are doing all we can to produce as many units as possible of our natural no alcohol hand cleaner, and other related “clean Hands” products.  We have put all our other production on hold, to help with containing this virus with whatever can be produced to help halt the further growth of the virus.   If we all pull together, and all follow the correct protocol, we will win against this pandemic.  Please be advised that too much disinfecting of your homes, etc., compromises your own natural immune defense, we have added some very good immune boosters to or product to help bolster the immune system.  Check them out, they are incredible!

    Sustainable Packaging

    One of the things we are trying to do is make our products with sustainable packaging, so as not to further injure the planet.  As you all know very well, the plastic in the waters, oceans, and lakes has served to injure the sea and water life.  This is our planet, and our responsibility to see to it that there are natural resources for our future generations. Plastics and fossil fuel products, even fabrics do not degrade back to dirt, or sand, and cause huge landfill problems, as well as creating such a situation that it is almost overwhelming. Stay tuned to our blogs for incredible information on packaging, it will be a series of three blogs that will give you an insight on how to clean up the environment.

    We here at Private Label Skincare Florida, are daily researching to find better packaging and ingredients to protect the planet and our future.  In the meantime, we are working to get out own brands and our client’s brands of natural hand products to market as soon as possible to help halt the spread of this virus.

    Whether you believe that this virus was caused deliberately by the powers that be or some other belief you may hold, it is the responsibility of each of us to do our best to contain this virus in any way possible. This is the first wave, and it is very possible that it will not be the last.  Let’s take charge of our future! Call us today, we will help you bring “clean Hands” products to market. 


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