August 02, 2022

    Vegan or Vegetarian Cosmetics, what are the differences?

    Vegan or Vegetarian Cosmetics, what are the differences?

    Vegetarian based Cosmetics would be defined as follows:

    Vegetarians base their diet on vegetables, fruit, grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds.  Vegetarian based cosmetics would be defined in the same way as vegetarian food.  Therefore, cosmetics may contain ingredients that were by animals, such as albumin and honey, and beeswax.  Vegetarian does not drive any current cosmetic trend currently.  It is also not expected to drive any trend soon.  It is simply a dietary restriction currently. 

    Vegan Cosmetics:

    The Vegan Society says that Veganism is a way of life, and this is to exclude as much as possible, all forms of exploitation and animal cruelty for food and clothing purposes as well.  Veganism is often misunderstood to mean that the person does not consume animal-derived ingredients.  Instead, it is a lifestyle that encompasses clothes, skincare, Haircare, make-up, and personal hygiene, as well as food.

    According to John Parker, a correspondent for “The Economist”. 2019 was “the Year of The Vegan” In 2015 only 4% of the population was vegan. Last year that number, driven by the millennials, rose to almost 25%. The industries responded by making many new plant-based foods, even some hospitals are offering vegan options.

    Vegan Certified Cosmetics

     Vegan Certification could give some credibility to a product, but it is currently, not unlawful to say that a product is vegan.  Vegan labeled products must still conform to the vegan regulations as stated above. Some of the ingredients that must NEVER be in vegan labeled products are as follows:

    Lanolin, carmine, hydrolyzed keratin, or any other animal by-product. 

    To see what the Organic certification consists of, please see our blog on Organic Certification. 

    If you are concerned about animal cruelty, or Organic Certification, or Vegan products,  please Contact Private Label Skincare Florida to have us make you an entire line of Vegan products to accommodate the many customers’ whos number are growing daily, to get started on making your entire line of hair and skin care products!


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