August 02, 2022

    What is all this talk about “Feminine Hygiene”?

    What is all this talk about “Feminine Hygiene”?

    What is all this talk about “Feminine Hygiene”?

    That statement seems to say that a lady’s genitals are “dirty”, and need cleaning all the time to stay hygienic, while there is some truth to that, I assure you that the female genitals are capable of keeping themselves very hygienic!  Well, let’s just clear that up right now!  First, let’s have a tiny anatomy lesson:

    The vagina = the internal part of the genitals. It’s the canal where things like tampons and a penis goes.

    The vulva = the external parts of the genitals, which include the pubic mount, inner and outer labia, clitoris, and the vestibule.Just as oral hygiene entails more than just one thing, vulvar/vaginal hygiene does too! Feminine Hygiene products are not designed for the delicate pH balance that is necessary to maintain good virginal health.   

    The vagina is a self-cleaning machine.

    Even if you see a discharge in your undies, if it is absent of odor, your vagina is functioning beautifully

    The vulva, does not have this “self-cleaning” property. It is skin and must be cleaned properly.  We, here at Private Label Skincare Florida, have done much study and pH checking research to come up with both a solid bar, and liquid V cleanser that is the exact pH for this delicate area.

    It is an important thing to note that when wiping [after pooping and peeing] that you wipe each area separately with a clean paper for each.

    Meaning, wipe one area, discarding the paper. Then wipe the other area with another paper.

    It is for keeping the incidence of the dreaded UTI from happening.  Fecal material can cause UTI very easily. And if you wipe each area separately, that’s a nonissue.  Be sure to wipe front to back, always.

    After sex, just go and pee!  That will clean out bacteria that may have migrated into the urethra during play, which may further reduce the risk of a UTI. Just a Little water swishing will do just fine.

    Pubic hair has many purposes. This includes protecting the delicate vulvar skin from friction during intercourse and other activities.

    There has been no research that shows that pubic hair has any function as far as hygiene goes, and there are many that show that this pubic area does grow bacteria.

    If you choose to remove some or all your pubic hair, the way you do it matters.

    If you choose to shave, please use a blade that you use for your vaginal area only!

    When you’re done, dry the razor and store it away in your cabinet as opposed to on a shower ledge. This can help keep the razor from growing mold and rust.

    Irritation or even ingrown hair is a risk you take, but we have beautiful products just for that purpose, so no worries, just ask us.

    If irritation occurs, try one of our lotions or creams with specific pH for that purpose.  Our salespeople can help you with the correct one.

    LET ME BE VERY Clear: Feminine Hygiene Products that say they are pH balanced are not pH balanced for the vaginal area.  They are way too high  for that area.  They must be 3.5-4.5 max!!!

    Here at Private Label Skincare Florida can not only give you the perfect Feminine products but can also provide the nutritional supplements to keep every part of your body happy, healthy, and beautiful!  We are very proud to announce that we now have a solid bar for the V area  perfectly balanced pH for your private area. Call us today.  (727) 466-1703


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