August 15, 2022

    Why a 1000-Piece Minimum Order?

    Why a 1000-Piece Minimum Order?

    I’d like to talk to all of you about this, as I am asked to violate the 1000-piece minimum order by many customers who are just starting out. I can assure you that if you are going to sell in the Amazon Market Place, 1000 pieces with a new product launch is nothing.  If you sell out, you have to re-launch, and it is much work, and you lose all your credibility with Amazon.  It is a very unwise move.  Our success is appended to yours, so we want you to flourish and prosper in your new endeavor.

     Most new entrepreneurs are starting out with a dream and little capital and want to get it going.  This enthusiasm is incredible, but one must also look at the practical side and start out with something doable given the resources.

    Making samples in our lab and transitioning to production batches.

    First the translation from making a small sample batch and to actual manufacture of the product is a very involved process. 

    To make a batch of product under the capacity of our tanks is nearly impossible.  The mixing speed and temperature of the kettle are very precise.  It is imperative that an exact protocol called an SOP or standard operating procedure is followed to the letter, for the product to be perfect.  Ingredients must be added in a certain sequence, and at a certain temperature for the process to be correct.  

    Have you ever tried to make whipped cream in a large bowel with a high-speed mixer, a small amount of cream in the bottom?  It simply takes forever, and the cream will splash all over the bowel at first, and sometimes your face as well.  I cleaned up many messes before I learned that lesson. When it comes to a very delicate process like making a beautiful whipped face cream or a body butter, it must be totally correct in every aspect of the process, or it fails.  Throwing away 200 gallons of a very expensive cream is a heartbreaker.

    Heat jacketed kettles are not small, and the batches we make, must be the proper size to accommodate the mixing arm, or they fail, just like trying to make whipped cream with a high-speed mixer with little cream in the bottom of the bowel. 

    Now to the production:

    After the product is made and cooled to the proper temperature, and pumped out of the mixing tank and transported to the production room, which has just been scrubbed within an in of it’s life, the product is then pumped into jars or bottles, caped, labeled, shrink banded, and packed into boxes, at the end of that product run, every piece of equipment must be scrubbed and sterilized within a inch of it’s life, before the next product is run through the line.  Running a small run like 500, is very costly as the line must be torn down and cleaned every time there is a change in product. 

    So why batches of 1,000, well it would cost you twice or three times as much to run small batches, no one could possibly make any money. 

    You can go to many other companies that would give you stock items that you can buy in dozen lots, that is also true of Private Label Skincare Florida.  We sell our aloe Vera based products in small quantities also, we also sell bulk amounts like 5 gallons and drums.  But for anything that is tried and true products from the bases we constantly make, or filled from our bulk items, it must be 1000 pieces or more to keep our prices completive at all.  We give great service and help in many more ways than most other Private label companies, if you have ever been to our facility, you know what I’m speaking about.

    At Private Label Skincare Florida we really want to help you bring your dreams to market, and we want you to do very well in the marketplace.  As you grow, we grow and it is a win–win situation.  Help us help you.  Give us a call    

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